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Choosing the right product mix for your new tanning salon is certainly a major item on your ‘To Do’ list. However, there are many factors that lead to success, and all must be addressed.  Fortunately, Ergoline and its network of distributors provide assistance for every aspect of your business planning, launch, and ongoing operations.  This is why Ergoline salons earn over 60% more revenue than other salons in the US that don't use Ergoline.

Join the Market Leader. Ergoline salons earn more revenue and have higher brand loyalty.* Part of the reason for excellence in performance for Ergoline salons is the in-depth FREE assistance offered to help you identify, develop and grow your salon.

  • Site Selection Assistance. This includes market demographics analysis and location profiling, so you locate your salon in the best spot for high growth.
  • Business Plan Development. Ergoline's our decades of industry knowledge to help you cut through to what is most important for salon success, so your business plan is focused and realistic.
  • Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis.  Financial experts will provide the analysis necessary for any financing you may choose to obtain, and also to help you fully understand your opportunity.
  • Break-Even Analysis. Ergoline helps you set appropriate and measurable revenue targets, making revenue goal attainment more likely.
  • Salon Design and Layout. Once you understand your demographics, your salon should be customized to your target market, which will enable you to maximize revenue production.
  • Equipment Mix Selection. Often overlooked, this element will help you to maximize appeal and draw while eliminating overspending on unnecessary or inappropriate equipment.
  • Product Mix and Pricing Strategy.  Learn best practice from Ergoline’s industry knowledge of salons that significantly out-earn the average.
  • Marketing Support.  For both your launch and your ongoing operations, Ergoline offers unparalleled materials and processes necessary for customer acquisition, maximum per-customer sales and high retention.
  • Post-Launch Support Ergoline offers unparalleled technical service, parts and lamps, as well as training and an internet-based knowledgebase. 
  • Financing. Ergoline’s in-house financial assistance and leasing programs help many new salon owners install equipment that will yield the highest payoff, which paves the way for maximum return on your investment.
  • Tanning Salon Software.  Labor intensive service operations that require managing a high volume of clients are simply more efficient when operations are computerized, and you will achieve a higher return on dollars invested in your operations.

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