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The Ergoline Passion series is causing a stir in salons. These  sunbeds have  34 or 40 UV lamps and up to three glass reflector facial tanners. This combination of lamps and high-pressure units ensures a natural-looking tan at a very attractive price point. The glass reflector facial tanners in all three series, and extra UV-B spaghetti lamps in the facial area of the Passion series, brings a first-class standard to entry level and mid-level tanning beds.

The advanced cooling systems and optional Stereo Sound systems add to each sunbed’s luxurious comfort. The intuitive EZ-Touch glass front control panel on the Passion and Flair series makes it easy to adjust any function. In addition, a new Smooth Lift canopy glide system dampens the movement and eliminates the typically abrupt stop when the canopy is raised to its maximum opening.

The modern design, beautiful colors and distinctive lines clearly show the new Ergoline series’ appeal and style. Furthermore, the compactness of each new series means that you can install them almost anywhere. This efficient size makes these sunbeds particularly good where space is a premium.