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JK North America is a division of JK Products & Services with U.S. Headquarters in Jonesboro Arkansas, together with parent company JK-Holding, located in Windhagen, Germany.  JK has been the industry leading manufacturer of premium commercial indoor tanning equipment for over 30 years, representing a family of brands including Ergoline, Sun Angel, Beauty Angel and Soltron.  JK, often referred to by those loyal to the brand simply as Ergoline, has been offering unparalleled quality and design since inception, but here are a few reasons why we believe it’s the right choice for you!

Ergoline Top 10 Reasons

  1. High Revenue Earning Potential
  2. Customer Brand Recognition
  3. Number #1 Requested Brand
  4. Industry Leader in Innovative Technology
  5. Strong Product Lineup to Meet Customer Needs
  6. Unmatched Quality and Reliability
  7. Long Term Durability and Ease of Maintenance
  8. Marketing Support to Drive Business
  9. Nation Wide Service Support Network
  10. Command of Regulatory Space and Standards

Successful tanning professionals know what it takes to prosper in the tanning business – solid products, excellent customer service, industry-leading knowledge and well-known brand names. Choosing Ergoline gives you that competitive edge. Ergoline offers customized concepts to meet the requirements of any business. Whether buying or leasing,salon owners are always on the sunny side with Ergoline.

  1. EXCELLENT BRAND NAME: Ergoline is the #1 supplier to professional tanning salons and has been setting the standards in the tanning industry for decades. One of the most recognized brands for salon owners and tanning customers alike, Ergoline sunbeds offer innovative UV technologies, exclusive designs, excellent workmanship and high resale values. All of these have taken the Ergoline brand to the top. Deciding on a professional sunbed from the worldwide market leader means setting the scenes for success in the tanning business.

  2. INNOVATIVE UV TECHNOLOGIES: Ergoline is synonymous with tanning power. Innovative, efficient and powerful UV technologies ensure an especially deep tan. Facial tanning systems, with their combination of glass reflectors and filter panels, provide impressive proof of Ergoline’s UV mastery. The Ultra glass
    reflectors use computer-modeled geometry to provide maximum UV reflection and transmission performance. The specially coated filter panels are an exclusive feature of Ergoline facial tanning systems. These filters allow only the effective components of the UV spectrum to be reflected. Ergoline‘s internal research and development center regularly introduces cutting-edge innovations – such as Variable Power, Dynamic Power, Smart Power, Ultra Performance technology and Advanced Reflective Tanning – to improve the tanning performance and energy efficiency of our sunbeds.

  3. FUTURISTIC DESIGN: World-class design that creates a symbiosis of light and function is Ergoline’s trademark. You won’t find superficial fashion trends on our sunbeds. Clear lines, lustrous surface finishes and fascinating lighting effects will enthral your customers now and in years to come. The ultimate goal of design is to give tanners an attractive, eye-catching look. Ergoline continues to set new trends with exciting effect lighting and radiant design elements. The resulting powerful illumination is an irresistible invitation for tanning. The more varied the lighting, the more uniquely distinctive the appearance – a main characteristic of Ergoline.

  4. GUARANTEED QUALITY: All components we use in our sunbed production are made of first-class materials, which are all tested for resistance against UV light, cleaning fluids and other potential hazards. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, qualified staff and meticulous craftsmanship ensure consistency and dependability. Every Ergoline sunbed undergoes a variety of functional tests before it leaves the factory. Anyone investing their money in purchasing an Ergoline professional sunbed has the certainty of being able to rely on absolute quality.

  5. EXCELLENT SERVICE: If you should experience technical problems with one of your Ergoline sunbeds, we have a complete service network to fix the problem. Just contact your local Ergoline trained and approved distributor for prompt and efficient resolution of the problem. In addition, Ergoline continues to stay ahead of the competition with the inclusion of an online knowledge base. There you can find answers via a solution database, submit a question to technical support staff and send feedback. Providing additional methods of technical support is one of the many ways that Ergoline shows dedication to its customers.

  6. ERGONOMICS SECOND TO NONE: Ergoline integrates ergonomic shapes for unsurpassed comfort – a design philosophy we believe in so much that we have based our brand name on it. The extra wide Body Shape acrylic with integrated headrest, comfortable armrests and variable footrests provides maximum tanning comfort and reduces pressure points for a seamless tan. Adding to comfortable ergonomics are Ergoline‘s luxurious comfort features. Temptronic
    climate control lets tanners set their desired temperature, whether warm or cold. Aqua Mist & Aroma gives your customers a refreshing experience. Innovative sound systems with MP3 player connections provide perfect listening pleasure.

  7. EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE: Every Ergoline sunbed has been designed to ensure that all components that require servicing are easily and quickly reached. Low-maintenance materials make cleaning simple and easy for salon personnel. With quality you can rely on, tanning professionals can expect trouble-free operation. If a problem does arise that you cannot fix yourself, Ergoline customer service technicians provide fast and professional solutions. Often, using just
    a simple error code, service technicians can diagnose and solve most alerts quickly and thoroughly, which means less down time for the sunbed.

  8. DISTRIBUTOR NETWORK:  Ergoline is represented throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico by the industry‘s most experienced team of sales, service and support professionals. Ergoline‘s distributors stock equipment, parts, lamps, etc. and maintain toll-free service lines to handle all of your needs promptly and courteously. Experienced delivery and setup crews are also readily available.

  9. EXCELLENT SUPPORT FOR YOUR SALON:  Ergoline provides high-profile advertising and point-ofsale support with high-impact marketing concepts and attractive campaign materials. It’s no secret that creating distinctive marketing and promotion material is vital to the success of your salon. Ergoline has an extensive selection of photos as well as a complete line of posters, postcards and leaflets. The merchandise from Ergoline offers you a huge selection of excellent promotional material that has been specially designed for tanning salons. Whether you need incentives for your regular customers or eye-catching posters to get the attention of new customers, Ergoline has many items for your business.

  10. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  We don’t just pay lip service to environmental protection and sustainable use of our world’s resources. The entire JK Group has subscribed to the stringent guidelines set in VO EC 761/2001 and EN ISO 14001:1996 with regular internal and external environmental protection audits. All electronic components that we use comply with the RoHS directive. In the USA, Ergoline reduces the amount of manufacturing waste by using post-consumer recycling in our products, recycling excess metal and aluminum during production and installing special ballasts that help to control electricity usage and extend lamp life in our newest sunbeds.

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