The new Inspiration 500 features the same eye-catching styling and fascinating LED Light Show as the 600 model.  Tanning technology has also been enhanced on the Inspiration 500. With 38 Smart Performance UV lamps and three Ultra Performance facial tanners. For comfort, the comfort cooling system, ergonomic base acrylic and stereo sound system with MP3 player connection round-out an already amazing tanning bed.

  • Design

    Dramatic lines and eye-catching illumination define the breathtaking appearance of the Inspiration 600

    • Decor Color: Satin Silver
    • LED Light Show with over 800 long-lasting high performance LEDs with 200 colors and animations
    • Illuminated Ergoline Logo in the Canopy
  • UV-Technology

    Dynamic Performance Technology keeps the UV output constant over the life of the lamps.  Ultra Performance Plus is the strongest, yet most comfortable facial system on the market today.

    • 12 minute exposure schedule
    • 38 x 160/180 watt Dynamic Performance body lamps
    • 3x 400 watt Ultra performance Plus Facial tanner with 2, 8 watt Spaghetti lamps
  • Comfort Features
    • Bodyform Plus acrylic
    • Stereo sound system with MP3 player dock-in, SD card slot, headphone connection socket, channel selector and volume control
  • Cooling
    • Body Cooling with Separate base acrylic cooling
    • 1-system body ventilation, variable with air conditioning
    • Additional face ventilation
  • Operation
    • Control panel with 4-field LED display
    • Interface for service
    • Check control for diagnosing main alert messages
    • Automatic reset function after tanning session